Wildflower Wildest Ending


Make way for the true Queens as Ms. Aiko Melendez, Ms. Roxanne Barcelo, Ms. Yen Santos,  Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ms. Sunshine Cruz and of course, Ms. Maja Salvador nail their roles in the top-rating show Wildflower in the Kapamilya network!


Possibly one of the greatest political soap opera thriller in the Philippines, we couldn’t deny the fact that we fell in love with Ivy Aguas/Lily Cruz’s life story. From losing her loved ones to fighting her enemies, to gaining love and wishing for peace and happiness, we are all in awe of how the story unfolds each night… and now we wonder how it is going to end.


During the Wildflower Wildest Ending press conference, it’s no doubt that the actresses who showed up didn’t just dazzle us in their beautiful gowns, but they walked owning the moment like they were meant to portray their characters’ despite off cam.


These empowered women most definitely deserve roses for their hard work and passion, a sign of gratitude and success at the same time.


We chose baby pink Ecuadorian roses for Roxanne because in spite of her intense role, she is a sweetheart with a true genuine soul. On the other hand, we gave two-toned roses for Yen that symbolize happiness and appreciation, hoping that her love-life glows like her beauty, too.


And who would have thought Aiko would kill her character as Emilia Ardiente in the famous show? Well, we all did! She’s one of the best kontra bidas ever! We gave her sweet pink roses to match her always brewing character on set, but a real caring mother whenever she’s out the spotlight.


The hotness of Ms. Sunshine made us say OMG! It is the perfect counterpoint to the cool serenity of our pristine white long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses. She is really glowing these days!


Now, are you ready to know who received the Scarlet roses? Two of our Kapamilya stars got them. Zsa Zsa Padilla AKA Red Dragon is the first one. She is forever sexy and fierce… a real fighter, and the perfect match for red roses indeed!


And lastly, we have the one and only Maja Salvador who portrayed a sweet and sporty Lily Cruz, but so sexy and fierce as Ivy Aguas! But in real life? Oh boy, she’s amazing because she’s both! Although she’s both,  we decided to give her the Scarlet roses, because these roses  speak of her extreme devotion as an actress. We also  wish for her to find true love.  🙂


To the whole cast of Wildflower, we would like to say congratulations to all!


Anna York <3