Ecuadorian Roses

Don’t know what color to choose?

The Rose Color Guide

Our Best Selling Colors

Red – the classic color! We give you a clear, bright red rose. Best for your wife or any romantic occasion.

Fuchsia – the biggest rose of all…. This is best for young ladies, your girlfriend, your mom, your boss, your lola, your business partner, or an important client. Also great for special events and guests of honor as the color is really striking. If you don’t know what color to give, give this one!

Baby Pink – For young girls and debuts. And for those very sweet moments.

Festival Peach – Another rose for all those special moments! Great for your everyone- your girlfriend, your prom date, your mom, your daughter in law, and your sister. The all occasion rose- birthdays, new baby, anniversary, congratulations and even a job well done This rose is guaranteed to brighten up their day! Also cheery for those in hospital.

White – the pure classic rose. Again, you can’t go wrong with this clean, crisp color.

Our Specialty Colors

We feature these roses occasionally. They are also lovely!

Lilac – a beautiful rose for a sophisticated young lady and for those who just adore the color purple.

Yellow – cheery sunshine

Esperance Rose – a special two tone rose, this is a cream rose with a pink center.

Our Showstoppers

Black Rose

Blue Rose

Rainbow Rose

Swirl Roses

Glitter Roses


We offer only Ecuadorian Roses, the finest roses in the world. Our long stemmed South American lovelies are the classic roses for luxury gifts. Whether you gift her with a dozen or even only a single perfect bloom, she will enjoy the unique and very special feeling of the Ecuadorian rose.

Ecuador, a country in South America located on the equator, has constant sunshine, a sultry climate and rich volcanic soil which nourishes the finest roses in the world. The roses have long and strong sturdy stems and exuberant blooms.

We are the largest importer of Ecuadorian roses in the Philippines. These roses journey for 2 days and arrive weekly by air freight. Through our online store, we are privileged to share this unique rose experience with you and your loved ones.

How to care your Ecuadorian Roses

Your roses can already be enjoyed in their presentation box. If you choose to enjoy them in the box, please change water in their tubes daily. You may also cut their stems by one inch and reinsert the water tubes.

If in a vase, please remove the water tubes. Take care to remove any leaves which might be submerged in the water. Fill your vase with clean water. Cut the rose stems one inch and submerge in the vase. Every few days, please cut 1 inch from the stems and change water every 2-3 days. If any roses droop, please recut the stems.

Please do not expose the roses to direct sunlight, wind or heat. It is best to keep them in an air conditioned room but not directly exposed to airflow.