Asia’s Soul Supreme: KZ Tandingan wows China

“Work until your idols become your rivals.”


Easy to say, yet hard to do. Yup! But how amazing would it feel for it to actually happen?

KZ Tandingan must know!


After beating famous English singer Jessie J, our very own Asia’s Soul Supreme couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed from the unexpected result she heard, when they announced that she has earned the number one spot in China’s The Singer in Episode 5.


Jessie J has always been KZ’s idol, and now she didn’t just meet her, but she actually beat her in a singing competition. Humbled and crying, KZ thanked everyone, specially the Chinese audience in the show with a grateful heart.


All of the participants in the show are professionals, and are really talented that they could WOW the audience. KZ says, it doesn’t matter what rank she gets, what’s important is that she’s able to share her talent to the Chinese people and to the world.


After her breathtaking performance of Rolling in the Deep, she then performed「你不知道的痛」or “The Pain Which You Didn’t Know” in Episode 6. Although she ranked sixth in this episode, we couldn’t deny the fact that many people were moved by her very emotional performance. In episode 7, she performed a heartfelt rendition of Say Something. Another emotional performance many people fell in love with.


Now as she continues to soar, here’s to wishing for her continuous success. Red Ecuadorian roses for her bravery and passion as a singer and songwriter. You deserve the spotlight, girl! Your versatility makes many people proud of you, and your voice is such a pleasure to listen to.