Oh, February… I’m in love with you!

“Have you ever been in love?”


Isn’t that the question that makes a lot of people smile, feel giddy, or get nervous after hearing it? Let me guess. After reading this, you have suddenly thought about that one special person in your mind who has made such great impact in your life that you couldn’t possibly forget.


Was I correct? If yes, then keep reading. This post is for you.


Whether she’s your love at first sight, your true love waits, the best friend who turned into your lover, or your till death do us part, it is certain that you were hit by the irresistible love cupid.


Love is essential to the world, and it is specially celebrated in the month of February. Now the question is, if love is essential to the world, what could be essential in celebrating it?


Let me answer you. It’s Ecuadorian roses.


We all know that flowers are very popular and important during love month, but to make it more specific, Ecuadorian roses are actually the most romantic of all flowers. In different colours, they are amazing gifts for your close friends, your family and your important clients to show your gratitude and sincere appreciation. Because after all, Valentine’s is not just for those who are in a relationship, it is for everyone. Because love is for everyone.


Speaking of love, have you seen the most loved ending of Wildflower in the Kapamilya network? Many were so into the breathtaking and intense scenes of the show, which proved how effective and talented the cast of Wildflower are. Composed by the lovely ladies (Maja Salvador, Aiko Melendez, Sunshine Cruz, Zsa zsa Padilla, Yen Santos and Roxanne Barcelo), how could we possibly resist such great storyline with these gorgeous actresses winning their roles? See them holding their beautiful Ecuadorian roses during the press conference of Wildflower Wildest Ending.


Let us also take a look back at the growing friendship of Inigo Pascual and Maris Racal. Inigo gave her the famous red Ecuadorian roses from Anna York Flowers. Could it be puppy love that will soon be known as true love? Us fans are hoping! Hihi!


Next, we have Jinri. Her public  persona is sexy and fierce.. but little did we know she’s actually  the sweet and sporty kind of lady. She’s so pretty!


We have also seen family love with Jayda Avanzado’s Instagram post of the roses she received from her father on Valentine’s Day! So cute and very heartwarming. And what about  Ms. Christine Babao with the yellow Ecuadorian roses that are as cheerful and bubbly as her? She’s a real Super Mom!


See? Love is for everyone. It is an amazing feeling that binds people together. It makes relationships stronger and creates a bond that gives so much joy to people.


Anna York Flowers would like to be a part of your Happy Valentine’s everyday. We provide luxurious long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses that are available for purchase, fit for almost every occasion. You may purchase Anna York Flowers in our signature Manhattan box at www.annayorkflowers.com or call us at 0995 740 3107. For our North Luzon clients, feel free to visit our concept store in Marquee mall, Angeles city, Pampanga.


We can’t wait to make great memories with you!