The Songbird and The Songhorse Concert

What: The Songbird and The Songhorse Concert

When: Feb. 14-16, 2019

Where: Araneta Coliseum

The funniest and the most exciting concert during the season of love definitely happened three days straight, after witnessing the combined talents of The Asia’s Songbird and The Unkabogable Superstar Vice Ganda!

The concert was not just intended for the single or couples, but it’s for everyone who wants to have a good laugh and a good time, too.

Ms. Regine’s voice as always, is phenomenal and Vice Ganda’s wit sways people to laugh so hard on their seat.

With surprise guests like Mr. Robin Padilla, Anton Diva, Mr. Jed Madela and many more, the concert was indeed very successful! Congratulations to The Songbird and The Songhorse of our country!

We definitely had a blast watching them perform on stage!  We hope that you loved the Ecuadorian roses from Anna York!