Daddy Chi Martillo surprises his daughters with Ecuadorian Roses on Valentine’s Day

It may be normal for children to be in school on Valentine’s day, but what Nikki, Chynna and Chelsea never expected was for their dad to appear at the door of their classroom, carrying beautiful flowers… this truly melted their hearts!

Daddy Chi Martillo came to the school of his daughters surprising them with Ecuadorian roses from Anna York!

Valentine’s is indeed not just for lovers, but it is about family love, too. Mr. Martillo not only gave his daughters beautiful flowers, but also wonderful messages for each one of them- So touching and very inspirational!

We are so happy to witness a special moment like this, especially knowing that we are a part of this memorable surprise.

We hope that you loved the Ecuadorian roses, Nikki, Chynna and Chelsea! You have such a loving father and a very beautiful family. Happy Valentine’s!