Ms. Gleanne Sagum is “Little Audrey”

Meet our newest cute image model, AKA our Little Audrey… Ms. GLEANNE GAIL S. SAGUM.

Gleanne enjoys makeup, fond of watching vlogs and making “baby vlogs” (which are just kept for now)

Our 9-year-old image model loves to dance, and is really good at it. She also loves spicy food like an adult. Wow!

Gleanne picks…

Instagram vs. Facebook: Facebook

Sneakers vs. sandals: Sneakers

Shorts vs. dress: Shorts

Ponytail vs. loose: Loose

Pink vs. purple: Pink

Unicorns vs. pigs: Unicorns

Science vs. math vs. English vs. recess: English = recess

Ballet vs hiphop: Hiphop

Spaghetti vs. barbeque: Spaghetti

Check out Gleanne’s photos as she poses for Anna York Flowers Tiffany Collection!