She’s sweet and lovely… but on stage? She’s on fire.


Have you met our latest image model yet?
Meet Ms. Rofel Ann Artaiz. A dancer, a dreamer, a ballet instructor, and a driven young woman who dares to take on the center stage to create a difference and fulfill her purpose as a ballerina in motion—sharing passion, inspiring others and changing lives.


Not everyone knows what they want. Perhaps not in an instant. But most of us know how we want things to be… But the question should not be “WHEN is it going to happen?” but “HOW is it going to happen?”


What makes us proud of our new image model is that she knows exactly what she wants and takes action for it.


Rofel is a ballet dance instructor volunteer at Julie Borromeo’s Performing Arts Foundation (JBPAF). Using her own life experiences, her aim as a dancer is very “on pointe” like her toes. She’s a person who uses her talent in order to help others. She teaches young and adults who would like to learn and improve their skills in ballet.


She dances not just for her own hopes, but she dances making other people’s hopes and dreams come true.
As sweet and lovely as she looks, Rofel exhibits a total transformation whenever her feet hit the stage. Her eyes speak courage and her movements prove her devotion towards her passion.
This is what makes her the perfect new face of Anna York Flowers. Our red long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses scream of longing and desire, while its bold red colour is inevitably sexy, and its direct meaning which is love, conveys fierceness because of their best quality.


While our pink Ecuadorian roses are sweet and very feminine, they could be sporty and fun at the same time with their style. Pink roses are playful and exciting, specially for our millennial clients. They don’t just indicate admiration, but also gratitude and love. A great gift even for mothers and grandmothers to make them happy, specially this coming Valentine’s Day.


Like Rofel, we would also like to create a difference not just to our clients, but to more people we could reach out to. May Rofel’s ways become a call to action for many people who would like to create impact in our society. As she once said to her students, “I’m happy that in a little way, I’m giving them a little heaven.”

Ms. Artaiz, as versatile as an Ecuadorian rose, is set to make the most out of it. She has turned into a stunning millennial, adding both spice and beauty to the world, proving that a person does not need everything to make a change, instead, one could use what she has and share it to the world.
Fall in love with her and with our Ecuadorian roses this Valentine’s Day.

This is Anna York X Rofel.  Bellerina X Ecuadorian Roses. Bold and beautiful. Sweet and sporty. Sexy and fierce. And this is the beginning of our story.