When: February 23, 2018

Where: KIA Theatre



Let’s all scream “Love is Skrengge!” as we celebrate the success of Maymay Entrata’s first ever concert held at the KIA Theatre last Feb 23, 2018.


Many are asking, what does “skrengge” mean? Apparently, it is a lovely feeling that is simply unexplainable. In Tagalog?  Kilig. But if you really want to know what we’re talking about, just take a look at team #MayWard during Maymay’s concert. We’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t just know what skrengge means, but you’re going to feel it, as well.


When Edward Barber went up to the stage and performed with Maymay, it’s as if hearts and flowers flew in the air and Valentine’s Day was rather extended. Dressed like a princess, Maymay accepted the Fuchsia Pink Ecuadorian roses from Edward. Such a charming guy, don’t you think? We personally believe these Fuchsia Pink roses fit Maymay’s quirky personality that we truly adore. She’s a dose of happiness because of her natural Filipina beauty and lively character. Team MayWard just made us want to keep believing in fairytales with their unstoppable sweetness.


What made Maymay’s concert even more fun was her special guests, the Fourth Impact, in which they performed Unleash the Diva. This makes me want to say… Who run the world? Girls! Maymay and the Fourth Impact nailed their performance!


We would like to congratulate Maymay Entrata for the success of her concert.  Ginalingan! She showed us that she’s not just a pretty face, but a talented singer and dancer, too. It may be her first solo concert, but we are wishing to witness more!


If you want to gift your loved ones the same Ecuadorian roses Edward gave Maymay during her concert, please visit us at or call us at 0995 740 3107. Thank you.