December Fever and Year-Ender

The longest and brightest season of the year has finally arrived. With the shine and sparkle of the Christmas season, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for all the blessings we have received this year, and to reciprocate to make it even better.


 Anna York Flowers continue to spread more good and SWEET VIBES to make holidays even merrier.


First, we have featured the 12 Christmas blooms for the joyous season, wherein you could pick the most beautiful Ecuadorian roses you could give to your loved ones.


We have the romantic red and wintry white for your partner or lover, cheerful yellow for your besties and friends, bedazzling fuchsia for your sisters and kumares, festival peach for your boss, big clients and colleagues, and of course, the sparkly rainbow for your unique bae, or even to your grandparents.


During this month, celebrity couple, Pancho Magno and Max Collins also tied the knot. Mesmerizing in a Francis Libiran wedding gown, Max walked down the floral aisle with such beauty. Her fresh bridal white bouquet from KAY Flowers Manila that signified pure love and fresh start was designed by the famous event stylist, Mr. Henry Pascual.


We also witnessed the power couple’s (Mr. Dingdong Avanzado and Mrs. Jessa Zaragoza-Avanzado) concert with their lovely daughter, Ms. Jayda Avanzado as their special guest, making a night so enjoyable and dearly memorable.


Christmas is indeed the season to celebrate life. Families come together, misunderstandings get fixed, friendships get stronger, and people live in harmony and great love.


As we all open a new chapter in 2018, may we always remember that happiness is just around the corner. By loving one another and sharing our blessings, we are set to a beautiful life and love stories.


Wishing you all to have a wonderful new beginning and a life that’s bursting with happiness, joy, fun and tender love. Let us start making good memories this year, shall we?