We are so happy to announce that one of our image models has passed the recent Philippine Physician Licensure Examination! Dra. Gemie Sagum is definitely one of the doctors we’d love to know more about.

Are you excited? Time to scroll down!

1. How did it feel when you found out that you passed the board exam?

IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE!!! I was in the middle of praying the rosary when my friend messaged me that the results were out. I was having the worst tremors of my life while having to continue my prayers and looking for my name, at the same time. I cried so bad when I saw my name. Tears of so much joy!!!!! Thank you Lord talaga!!!!

2.Any New Year’s Resolution?

Practice self-care. As simple as lighting a scented candle at night. This would help me accomplish my goals later. (YES! As simple as it may seem. Malaking bagay!)
What are your plans for 2019? Do residency training. Maximize my free time! Go out. Meet new people. Have fun. Stop oversleeping! (new year’s resolution na din ito! Haha)

3. When was the most exciting moment of your life?

My first plane ride? I was too excited to travel to Japan with my friends. Gusto kong umiyak.

4. Is it better to be extraordinary and late, or good and on time?

I super hate late.. So good and on time. Better, extraordinary and on time!

5. What are you most curious about in life?

Soul mate! Is it for real??????

6. Movies or Musical plays?

Movies! Romantic movies!

7. Watch TV or watch live shows?

Watch TV. I find watching TV therapeutic for me. It makes me feel like I’m at home, and relaxed, and somewhat carefree! I don’t get to watch TV that much during med school and internship in Manila.

8. Lipstick or lip balm?

Lip tint! HAHA I never liked wearing lipstick. Lip balm, I should start using.

9. Sing or dance?

I wanted to be good at singing. I’m always amazed at good singers! Too bad, i was not gifted with a good voice.

10. The bar or the coffee shop?

Coffee shop always. Very tita!

11. Favorite drink?

Iced americano with white mocha + breve from Starbucks.

12. Favorite song?

I was taking a neuro psych evaluation for a future job just the other day, the song “Dancing in the moonlight” played in the office. It’s now my new favorite song!! Nostalgic!

13. Favorite quote as of the moment?

What’s meant for you will not pass you by.


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