Catriona Gray’s Gowns by Mak Tumang

We still couldn’t get over about Ms. Catriona Gray’s win during the recent Ms. Universe pageant that was held in Thailand last December 17, 2018. We couldn’t be more proud to see her shine as she carried the flag of the Philippines with so much confidence and power.

And of course, we are all one of the 104 million Filipinos she represented.

But behind her success is also a team who stood beside her that did an incredible job in order for her to shine even more.

We would like to say congratulations to #MakTumang for all the beautiful ICONIC gowns he created for #MsUniverse , Ms. #CatrionaGray!

We super loved all his works as they exemplified what kind of treasures our country has! Truly a world-class talent! 

Last December 28, 2018, the gowns were displayed at SM City Pampanga, showcasing his now famous beautiful works which includes, Sinag, Adarna and Mayon.

We are so amazed by his detailed craft and we couldn’t wait to see more of his creations.

We hope that you loved the Ecuadorian roses from #AnnaYork , because you definitely deserve flowers for a job well done!

Congratulations, Ms. Universe Catriona Gray and Mak Tumang for your wonderful iconic gowns!