Greet your father or your single mother a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY this June 17, 2018 with our luxury blooms and Ecuadorian roses!

Dearest Daddy,

Thank you for all your sacrifices you have done for us. Thank you for being a great example to us and to all the many people that surround you. This Father’s Day, you deserve to be celebrated. You deserve Ecuadorian roses. I love you!

Dearest Mommy,

You may be surprised that I’m planning to buy flowers for you this Sunday, June 17 because it’s Father’s Day. But you have always been there for me … acting as both my parents. You have been everything to me Mommy …. Tayong dalawa with Lola (even though she’s no longer with us), we went through everything together. So this day is also for you. Hope that you’ll enjoy the roses and to let you know that you’ve been an excellent mommy (and daddy) to me! I love you!

Make some noise for your Special Dad and to the Single moms who are slaying their oh, so amazing role of being both mother and father!

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