Congratulations, Graduates!

Let’s make some noise for the Class of 2018!


Commencement is a time to reflect, reminisce and although there’s a little melancholy lurking around, it is still after all, a very joyous event for someone who has accomplished school/ university years.


Whether one of your family members or maybe a friend of yours graduated, we couldn’t contain our excitement for what kind of future awaits them!


Here’s a little message to all graduates of 2018…


For all the Preschool graduates, you are wonderful kids! The future is bright, so keep smiling. Don’t forget to always listen to your parents for you are their real treasure in this world.


For all the Grade school and High school grads, you made it! It’s time for you to level up. Whichever path you take, know that there are people who are always going to be at your back. So don’t be afraid. Just keep going, and be the best of what you can be.


For all the College, Master’s degree and Doctorate graduates, what a milestone indeed! Be proud of your success because what you have accomplished is something big! The sleepless nights of studying are worth it. Now it’s time for you to apply everything in the real world.


And of course, apart from congratulating all our dear graduates, we at Anna York would like to say congratulations to all the hardworking parents who supported their children in every way, all the way. Thank you for all your sacrifices and amazing love!


…and what could be the best partner of success? None other than Ecuadorian Roses! They are one of the best gifts to give to your graduate because they mean so much APPRECIATION, RESPECT and DEARLY LOVE.


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