Teddy Manuel Masterclass 2018

What: Teddy Manuel Masterclass 2018

When: August 21-22, 2018

Where: Manila Marriot Hotel

Want some jaw dropping setups that will surely make you fall in love with event styling? Sir Teddy Manuel granted the wish of many aspiring florists and stylists last August 21-22, 2018 at the Manila Marriot Hotel with his popular Masterclass 2018! Woohoo!

Teddy Manuel is one of the top floral and event designers in the country, and it’s his third year to conduct a workshop for people who would want to improve and learn more about event styling.

Our creative consultant, Ms. Cheeky Bunas was also there during #TheTeddyManuelExperience. You’ll see the decorative designs of the people who attended, and the Ecuadorian roses that shined even more beautifully because of Teddy’s shared expertise.

We are a proud sponsor of #TMMasterClass2018! Teddy’s talent is without doubt. It is very inspiring and educational, so the masterclass was indeed a great opportunity to those who wanted to learn more about the different concepts and designs used in styling flowers and creating the most beautiful events.

Congratulations Sir Teddy, and to everyone who participated in this amazing workshop!

For those who would like to avail the Ecuadorian roses that they used, please let us know.

We have Kay Flowers Manila – wholesale and Anna York Flowers – retail.

Thank you.