What: Roseamor Unboxing Christmas Party

When: November 20, 2018

Where: Wack-wack warehouse

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe already? Great! Last November 20, 2018, our sister company, Kay Flowers Manila had their Roseamor Unboxing Christmas Party! It’s the last one for this year.

Dra. Anna York was joined by World Foremost RoseAmor Expert and Former Creative Director of Forever Rose London (one of the biggest companies in the world), Mr. Glen Guttierez, who is originally from Cebu city, Philippines.

They were on IG and FB live. And yes, Maayong Buntag, #gwapa Cebuanas, and hello to everyone!

Styling is easy if you have someone to teach you on what to do and what not to do, but if you are alone? Unless you are brilliantly creative, you might actually get stuck thinking what your concept will be.

This is what Mr. Glen shared to us during the FB and IG live. He designed and styled the Roseamor Heart rose and other Preserved Ecuadorian roses with passion, dedication and love. It may be simple, but then simplicity that’s done right is what makes a lot of things truly special.

We hope that you enjoyed the live video! And thank you Mr. Glen for sharing your knowledge to us! 

Contact us at 09175354765 for your orders of these gorgeous Preserved Ecuadorian Roses. Hurry and order today! We have a lot of colors available. You and your clients are going to love them!