MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY CONTEST WINNERS: Mommy Mitch Cruz and Mommy Raquel Chua


Congratulations to the two mommies who won the Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest last May 13, 2018!


Let’s get to know them, shall we?



“There is no greater love than a mother’s love. My mother gives more but takes less. Even when she’s tired, she endures every single day for us. Even when she’s crumbling down inside, she smiles and tells us to be strong and persistent in life. In her I see no room for complaints but only perseverance and patience. She is a strong woman who raised us on her own but never made us feel like we’re lacking. She is both a mother and father to us all. She always understands what our hearts desire even when we are silent. She accepts our flaws but encourages us to do better. When I became a mom, that’s when I fully understood how deep a mom’s love can be. It is as vast as the universe and goes beyond time. It is a love that’s so pure, unconditional and so sincere that a thousand words are not enough to describe it. I would never be who I am today if it wasn’t for her and I will be forever grateful for having her as a mother.” Mommy Mitch Cruz



  1. Tell us about your family.

I’m the only daughter and eldest of four siblings. I am married and with two kids.

My mom came from a well-off family and thus, she grew up with nannies and maids to do her bidding. She did not experience hardships in life until she met my father. When she decided to marry my father against my grandparents’ wishes, she had to let go of the lifestyle she was used to. She learned how to manage the house, provide for the family and raise us by herself. My father was irresponsible so all the burden rested on my mother’s shoulders. Later on, my parents separated but it was for the better. Despite of her failed marriage, motherhood brought the best out of my mom. Now without my dad as a distraction and burden, my mom became more motivated to work (with the business my grandparents gave her). But unlike other working parents, my mom never failed to provide a warm home for us. She was not an absentee mother. She was still able to cook meals, clean the house, do the laundry and help my brothers with their studies while also handling her food business. It was not an easy feat but she managed to do all of it and send us to good schools. She is not just a great mother, she is a great woman as a whole. She is so great that I cannot compare myself to her. I can only aspire to be like her. I hope that one day, I can show the same perseverance, strong will, humility, and selflessness to my kids.


  1. What’s the best thing about being a mom?

The best thing about being a mom is raising your kid and shaping him into becoming a good person. It is true when they say that a smile, kiss or hug from a child can melt all the stress away. Now that I am already a mom, I have come to understand why my mom still had energy despite the daily grind. I now understand why she was so happy whenever I handed her a personal letter or card when I was younger. When you are a parent, no material thing can compare to a warm hug and kiss from your child. No other tangible thing is more valuable than your child’s handwritten letter, card or drawing (though sometimes it is hard to discern the images on the drawing). There’s no better feeling than seeing your kids wake up with a smile and sleep with a smile.


  1. As a mother, how do you manage your time with your family?

I used to have a regular day job but I had to take a break from my career because I chose to personally take care of my second baby who is now over a year old. I am lucky to have a supportive husband who can provide for us so I can focus on the baby. Letting go of my career was not easy especially as I was advancing real fast with work at the time I got pregnant. But taking an indefinite break or leave from work is a choice I do not regret. I do not want to wake up one day wishing I just stayed at home to see my kids grow up before my eyes. I want to be hands-on with my children and thankfully, that is possible with my husband’s help.


  1. What is the most challenging part about being a mother?

Being a hands-on mom entails endless patience, energy and with a lot of love. say goodbye to sleep especially on the first few months. Breastfeeding was hard at first but I got the hang of it after a while and I’m proud to say that I am still able to breastfeed my child at 16 months (and counting). Teaching your child about discipline is also a challenge. Babies are intelligent and must not be underestimated. I love my sons and want them to be happy but I am not an enabler. Teaching kids their limits is a challenge if you don’t start them young. But apart from the physically-tiring challenges of motherhood, a challenge that many ignore (which I did at first) is to forget being a wife. I am too focused on the kids that most of the time I forget about being a wife. We are still working on that though. My kids take most of my time so when my husband has time off from work, we try to squeeze in activities that we enjoy together like watching movies at night when the kids are asleep.


  1. What’s your message to your #supermom?

I want to thank my mom for showing me how it is to be a great parent. Reading and stocking up knowledge from books and online articles are a big help but warmth, compassion and love can only be learned through experience and my mom definitely has that covered for me. I will never be the person I am today if not for her. All the values and knowledge in life she taught me will forever be instilled in my heart. She will always be a supermom for me and my siblings…our very own superhero.



“I have been a TPEmom for 8 years now.I remember sending an email to medela moms asking for advice as how I would go thru breastfeeding while on ge-Lai. It was Miss Beng who got my email then referred me to her partner Miss Maricel. Miss Maricel shared some of her experience about being a non-Chinese who did ge-lai & managed to breastfeed…she gave me a ton of tips that day.One tip struck me was how she told Jon to attend the breastfeeding class me w/me because he would need to help me because his the Chinese. I was kinda waiting for her to tell Jon – hey, you should just do it cause you are the Chinese. We attended the breastfeeding 101, so we can arm ourselves when it was time. I learned that if I’d be able to breastfeed Saffron for 2 years we can cut the combined hereditary illness by 50%. That became our goal. Fast forward to us having Saffron we visited again to ask if we are doing things right. Maricel was practically on my speed dial because I was going crazy w/ this breastfeeding thing. Proudly we finished 19months. Before I could announce to the world (naks!) I told Maricel and Beng that we are expecting twins! They were so happy for us. Miss Beng together w/ her girls visited me at our house to give me a 1-on-1 on how to BF twins. She even gave me a book. While heavy pregnant attending to one of those seeing double events, they called me a gave me the best gift ever. I was so touched by the gift that I cried like a baby. Up until now, when I remember that day…I still cry. You see, these girls helped me wholeheartedly. This photo was taken last March ’15. I have uneven supply & still know my breast are full. I called them up, & told me it time to change shield size. how could I possibly know that I have to change shield size? No other after service will give you that care. These ladies held my hand as I win my breastfeeding journey 29 months for the twins. They encouraged me, cheered for me & was genuinely happy for me. From a mom in-need of help now I am part of TPE to help other moms win their own breastfeeding journey.” – Mommy Raquel Chua


  1. Tell us about your family.

I’m Raquel Chua, a wife and best friend to Chef Jon Chua. I am the cheerleader and dotting mom to 3 little humans, little humans with different charateristics.

Saffron Matthew who just turned 7 years old is the eldest / ahya. His into singing and dancing and wants to become a k-pop Idol

and then the twins Brie Madelein Claire and Noah Benedict Bleu Chua – twins are turning 4 years old this may 23. We call them Brie and Bleu. Brie is the observer while Bleu is the explorer.


  1. What’s the best thing about being a mom?

Best thing about being a mom is seeing someone become a better version of you. We, as parents would always want to correct our past mistakes, may it be attitude towards our own parents (time spent with them) or elders, situation in life and instil good values and opportunities that we lack while young and hope that our kids will ace those with our help and guidance.


  1. As a mother, how do you manage your time with your family?

Time management, and a ton of reminders on my notebook – I wake up early to send husband off to work. Then tend to kids, with the help of our ates we bring them to whatever schedule they have for the day. After, I rush to my kitchen for my baking schedule, there I bake all the things needed and then back to fetch my kids. we fix our schedule including my husbands, date nights, gym time, and all activities in between according to everyone’s schedule.


We also assign different “date” with each kid. this way we get to know them individually. “Date” or “date-night” can be a trip to the grocery or just go for errands. Best date if I feel “galante” and treat them for dessert or lunch.


We lessen screen time to all kids, I highly recommend playing something like board games or UNO or giving them chores. Like sweeping the floor or cleaning the car.


  1. What’s the most challenging part about being a mother?

Challenging is the mom-guilt and trying to do it all. I accepted the fact that I can’t do everything perfectly, I also can’t be with them in every minute of it but what I can do is to make sure that we make core memories. memories that they will cherish forever. Oh and yelling will just cause you wrinkles, so I suggest drop it. hehe!


  1. What’s your message to your #supermom?

You are a supermom in your own way, no need to compare who and how you parent your kids to some celebrities or to any friends of yours. Who and what parenting style they are on is not a reflection of you lacking in a way. What is important is that you know who your kids/family are, what makes them happy, sad, inspired and motivated. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn something new, its never to late, go to the gym and focus on your wellness journey, go to the spa and get that massage you deserve or that mani-pedi your long over due. Demand a ME time or GIRLS night out because you deserve it. Remember a happy mom = happy home.


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