Moira Dela Torre: Malaya Homecoming concert

What: Malaya Homecoming Concert

Where: Ayala Mall Harbor Point Subic Manila Parking Area

When: April 27, 2018 at 7 PM

Did you just say “Moira Dela Torre?” As in, that beautiful lady with the soothing voice of an angel but could literally ruin your thumping heart because of #somuchfeels that flow through her music?

She’s really a talented musician! She recently had her Homecoming concert last April 27th, making a lot of hearts connect through her songs. Her popular hit song Malaya made us all fall for her lovely voice.

Some of her beautiful composed pieces are Tagpuan, Take her to the moon, We and Us and many more were all wonderfully created due to her past experiences. 

Oh, and one more great news about her. She just got engaged! Woohoo!

Congratulations to the success of your career and love life, Moira! <3

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