Whether she is your teacher, your mother, your best friend, your yaya, your boss or your colleague, I’m sure she is someone who has made such great impact in your life, regardless of time and circumstances.


A great quote says, “I’M A WOMAN, WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER?”


This is true. Women are valuable in the society, and especially in our lives. As delicate and beautiful as roses, women understand our feelings like we are transparent to them. They know how to love and care, and when they do, they are simply the best.


Gender inequality had loooong been gone. And today, we are truly happy to celebrate International Women’s Month, cheering for the existence and value of women!


A lot made a significant change in our society. From a simple lady with an ambition and drive, to becoming the most successful business entrepreneurs and professionals in different fields – these women exist.


One great example? Just take a look at  our very own lady boss, Anna York – the brand herself. The business was founded by her mother in 1983. Her employees are 90% women, including a number of single moms. Today, more than 35 years later, the business had grown to be very successful. Family owned and 100% Filipina.


May this serve as an inspiration to all who are working hard for their dreams.

Being a woman is a precious gift. Embrace it well. 




“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. We may be them, may we raise them.”


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My business was founded by my mother in 1983. I'm proud to say I'm a lady boss too. And my employees are 90% women (including a number of single moms). And I have helped so many young persons (including some guys and gays) start their own businesses too. Today, more than 35 years later, we're still here….. Family owned and 100% Filipina. So, you can do it too. You can be your own boss, help a lot of ladies by giving them jobs, raise up your customers and turn clients into friends. We will be here to partner with you as an empowered Filipina. To all our partners and friends, Happy International Women's Day. This regrann from our sister company wholesaler @kayflowersmanila. . . . This photo was taken by yours truly in Ecuador. I chose this photo because women are precious, like silver and gold. Don't you agree?

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