#CeleBREAST: Breast Cancer Prevention Charity ball

Every year, the number of people facing difficulties when it comes to breast cancer increase. Worse, they find out about it a little too late.

Dr. Norman San Agustin, renowned Filipino breast surgeon who spent 40 years in the US has returned and set up the Asian Breast Center. He is an outstanding Medicine Graduate of UST, and also the first cousin of Dra. #AnnaYork.

Dr. Norman is a retired Chairman of Surgery at the Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey. He came home to the Philippines two years ago to start the Asian Breast Center, which is located in Century city.

The charity ball’s main goal was to raise funds for portable mammo on wheels (mammogram on wheels), in order to reach out to people who couldn’t afford the examinations. Because as we all know and believe, early detection and prevention often lead to better and successful treatments. #earlydetectionsaveslives

#AnnaYork sponsored a table, including their Unicorn limited edition as raffle prizes during the event.

Other important persons who helped were Mr’s Biba San Agustin and Dr. Norman, and also Ms. Emily Bais.

Let us spread awareness of Breast Cancer Prevention and encourage the people around us to stay healthy and happy!

We hope that we also made the raffle winners happy with our Unicorn limited edition flowers!