20/30 Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza Anniversary Concert

What: 20/30 Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza Anniversary Concert

Where: Newport Performing Arts Theatre

When: December 8, 2017


They say that there’s no such thing as having a perfect life, but there is a fulfilled and happy life.


Let us take you back to the 90’s. Seventeen years ago, two well-known singers finally decided to take on a journey together. Mr. Dingdong Avanzado and Ms. Jessa Zaragoza met during her concert. The two made a lot of hearts swoon when they finally sang a duet for the first time. Sparks really do fly when you meet the one. Because that’s when their roads finally crossed, and their love story began.


And now, in one of the most popular venues in the Philippines, the lovebirds continue to soar and create good music together, still full of love.


With guests like Angeline Quinto, Jason Dy, Kyla, Klarrise de Guzman, Lloyd Zaragoza, Xian Lim, and of course, one of the top singers in the Philippines, Mr. Ogie Alcasid, the concert was a blast!


And let us not forget about the fruit of the sweet couple’s love. Their millennial daughter, Jayda Avanzado who is also as talented as her parents, graced their concert with so much joy and happiness as their special guest.


A true classic not just in the music industry, but also with their love story. These are what make this couple truly admirable. Congratulations for a love that bloomed, voices that still make a lot of people fall in love, and for having a daughter who is as beautiful as her parents, both inside and out.


Anna York Flowers gave Classic Fuchsia Ecuadorian roses for the timeless Mrs. Jessa Zaragoza-Avanzado, and Multi-coloured Ecuadorian roses for the rising teen star, Ms. Jayda Avanzado. We hope that you loved the flowers!


From Anna York